Fox5 Vegas Visits Boss Security Screens to See for Themselves How Tough The Security Screens Really Are!

James Kerr
3 min readJan 12, 2021


Okay, welcome back to More. Now, Boss Security Screens is a game changer when it comes to safety in your home. That’s because they have a unique product that’s guaranteed to prevent break-ins, get this, before they happen. I visited the Boss Security showroom to see their screens up close.

More than ever, we’re spending a ton of time at home, and what’s more important than feeling safe when you’re there? If a break-in occurred tonight, would you be prepared? Well, Boss Security Screens is helping prevent break-ins before they even occur, thanks to a unique new product. Let’s go check it out.

All right. Now we’re here with the CEO of Boss Security Screens, James Kerr. James, can you tell us about this unique product?

Yeah. You know, the need for security is really timeless. We’ve domesticated dogs, we’ve built moats, all to keep bad guys out. You have a couple choices. You can put bars on your windows, but they look terrible and you feel like you’re caged. You could put those sliding shutters on there, but they only work when they’re down. Now you fast forward today, we call this generation three. The mesh is made out of stainless steel mesh. The frame is made out of extruded aluminum, the same material used to build aircraft. Together, the whole assembly is so strong, it’s rated hurricane category four.


You can take a two by four, throw it like a dart, it’ll bounce, right off. Accelerate it to 156 miles an hour and it’ll bounce right off.

For people at home, if you’re really touching and stuff, it feels unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the screen world.

If you’re the bad guy, you’re looking for a quick in and out. One touch here, and you realize this isn’t going to be an easy job.

Right. Absolutely.

That’s why we can guarantee that this is going to stop a break-in before it happens.

Okay. Now, question for you, because we’re trying to keep bad guys from getting in, but in an emergency situation, how do you yourself get out?

It’s a great question. We’ve developed a latch, an ADA compliant latch. Every screen is hinged. Just flipped the latch and push, and the screen opens like a car door for emergency egress.

All right, James, I think we really got to demonstrate to everyone at home just how strong these security screens are.

Let’s do it.

I’ve got a knife here. My knife skills aren’t great, but, I mean, look at this. That’s a real knife right there.

It’ll ruin the knife, for sure. Pry your way in. Let’s see.

Snap. Pry my way in here. I mean, you really … All right, this is the big daddy. Here we go. You generate your power from the ground. Here we go.

Harder, harder. Hit it harder.

I’m like floor over here. I can’t get in this. How can people at home just see this for themselves? Because you’ve got to come in and try this.

We have a showroom. It’s on 215 and South Rainbow. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Come on down. We’ve got the goggles for you. You can try for yourself. See for yourself how strong it really is.

Okay. Let me try this one more time. Okay. This is just so much fun, but it’s not breaking. Guys, I don’t know what to do.

I’m telling you. I really tried hitting that screen hard. But you guys should just go to their showroom anytime to check it out for yourself. Me, when I’m distressed, that’s my new place I’m going to go just to whack it. They are open Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary. You can also call 702–637–0255 or visit More will be right back.



James Kerr

Founder and CEO of Boss Security Screens